The Naked Truth Revealed: How You’re Selling Yourself Short By Working Out On Your Own

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  • Exposed: The Los Angeles Personal Training Program that delivers amazing results for both and women alike. Find out how you could possibly be a part of it ? Limited Availability!
  • Keep reading to learn the about Los Angeles Personal Training Secret and body transformation program others are using right now!
  • What will you be able to do, get or achieve if your Dream Fitness Solution comes true?

How To Find A Personal Trainer In Los Angeles: Your Guide

If you’ve been spending countless hours Grinding away at the gym, I know you haven’t had the opportunity to read this until now.

Listen, we both know, there’s hundreds if not thousands of people throughout Los Angeles completelyTransforming There Physiques Everydaythrough personal training.

But what most fitness experts “Forget To Tell You” is all the hard work it takes to realize the body of your dreams.

​“No Pain, no gain, right?… Just Grind!”

​Well, there’s a difference between doing one hour of training and Grinding away hour after hour. 

​Now I know what you’re thinking,

​And personally, I know you can easily realize your fitness goals without doing the “Daily Gym Grind Thing.”I know, because I’ve done it! 

​Regardless, with your current personal fitness program you may be spending too much time doing the needless amounts of intense Sets and Reps and Cardio…

​And god knows what other exercises some random Instagram Influencer told you to do.

​Moreover, with this type of routine and the never ending Daily Grind sessions, it’s much harder to pick up and catch a movie or quick dinner with a friend or loved one. You know, have some free time! 

Instead, you could be following a personal training routine backed by Exercise Science.

That’s right — Science!

​The worst part is you’re putting in all this time Without Realizing The Results.

“This place is excellent. Christian was impressively well prepared to create a work out routine that gives you the most bang for your buck both financially and calorically. Plus, the trainers are just nice affable super respectful guys. As a female, I really appreciated their vibe AND their expertise. ” — Miriam From YELP

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The Los Angeles Personal Training Secret You Don’t Know

But, I’m going to let you in a little Personal Training Secret. Think you’re ready to hear it?

You see, there’s an easier way, a much Better, Safer and Effective way for you to Get In Shape, Lose Body Fat, Build Muscle and Get Stronger and that’s by following the Right Training Routine.

​When I say Right Training Routine, I mean the Scientifically Proven One, which is the Perfect amount of reps, sets and exercises programmed For You!

​More importantly, by using the Body360 Fit Training Blueprint!

​And, it produces Amazing Results for both Womenand Men alike! (So if you have a spouse, they can look and feel just as good as you will too!)

​In point of fact, if you’re not following The Body360 Training Blueprint, you could be wasting thousands of hours at the gym, as well as putting needless Wear and Tear on your Body and Joints.

​Furthermore, our personal training program is Strategic and Effective!

​But before I overload you with more info, here’s a quick overview.

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The Los Angeles Personal Training Workout

Well, it’s quite basic actually. The thigh bone is connected to the knee bone. And the hip bone is connected to the back bone.

AND … Haha. I’m Just kidding — We’re more advanced than that!

​In all seriousness, let’s take a quick look at session with a client, (we’ll call her Niki, to protect her identity), and the type of specificity we follow and technology we use.

​But first let me point out, the Body360 Fit Training Blueprint and Program Designis simple, yet complex at the same time.

It goes a little something like this … 

After relaying your customized workout program to our training app, grabbing an ice cold bottle of water and a workout towel, we hit the gym floor. 

​Typically, we begin with a dynamic warm-up to prime and activate the muscles and the nervous system for movement.

Then move on to a static or active core series to build a strong pillar,

​Blast out a serious bout of Zone 4 and 5 (70% – 90% of your max heart rate) anaerobic endurance training,

Refocus & Recover

Push through an intense series of medicine ball slams and throws,

Rest and re-center once again,

Swing through a gnarly Kettlebell MetCon Group,

​And then hit the rower for a final 90 seconds of zone 4 and 5 conditioning.

​Finally we wind down with some foam rolling or static stretch component.

​Mind you this all takes place while your tethered bluetooth heart rate monitor records every single heart beat down to the nanosecond … 

Thump Thump, Bump Bump, Da-Bump …

“Now That’s What I Call A Workout!”  

Ya see, there’s nothing random about The Body360 Fit Approach

​It’s Programmed, Planned, Measured, Re-Evaluated and Highly Effective!

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Now, let’s walk through this together. Sound good?

​This is powerful stuff, so I really want you to think carefully here. Dig deep for me!

How Would You Look and Feel With A Dream Fitness Solution

  1. What do you secretly wish was true or different about your Fitness Solution – either as it relates to the current fitness program or service you’re about to buy/invest in OR in your life in general?
  2. If this “Dream Fitness Solution”, product or service, could appear and unfold perfectly, how would that story play out?

If this “Dream Fitness Solution”, product or service, could appear and unfold perfectly, how would that story play out?

  1. How will others respond to you if you get this situation fixed in an Ideal Way?
  2. What will you be able to do, get or achieve if your Dream Fantasy comes true?
  3. Where will you be more Powerful and Influential in your life if your Dream Fantasy Situation comes true?

Take a few moments to seriously let those questions sink in and be honest with yourself regarding your answers.

Los Angeles Personal Trainers | Body360 Fit
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What Does A New Client Go Through And What Does The Startup Process Look Like?

  • Initial Consultation, Mind Mapping & Goal Setting Session
  • Diet & Nutritional Planning
  • Health Evaluation & Exercise Readiness
  • Personal Training & Exercise Program
  • Scheduling & Mapping Your Exercise Program

What Types Of Exercises And Personal Training Has Been Extremely Successful For Our 1:1 and Online Personal Training Clients?

  • Dynamic Warmup
  • Muscle Activation
  • Mobility & Flexibility Training
  • Foam Rolling
  • Strength Training
  • Power & Endurance
  • HIIT Training
  • Kettlebell Training
  • Balance Training
  • TRX Workouts
  • Core Fitness & Strength Program – Focusing Lower Back Pain/Health
  • VIPR Training plus much more …

Conclusion: Are You Ready To Make Your Fantasy A Reality?

And, we both know this is way more than enough info to help you make a Decision…

​…So, you have Two Choices.

​You can pretend you never visited my website and continue down the path you’re on, only seeing ok results and spending way more time than you need to in the gym…

​Or you can take advantage of what I shown you and fill out the contact form below,


Or TEXT (whichever you prefer, we like them all.)

​Look, you already know you have the interest to change and you’ve been committed to your current routine.

​Remember, Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes, and you’ve been Grinding.

Now imagine what you can do with the Right Program.

Los Angeles Personal Training | Body360 Fit
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Could you benefit from the Right Guidance, Right Nutrition and the Right Personal Training Program? 

“I have competed in tennis tournaments for a long time now. On a number of occasions I have worked with a trainer on tennis specific conditioning. Christian is, by far, the best I have come accross. Whether it be basic conditioning or addressing injuries from overuse, he has been remarkably accurate about what needs to be done and why. I recommend him without reservation.

 ~ Mike Jackson ~ Former Tennis Coach & USPTA Teaching Professional — Pasadena | YELP

Are You Ready To See Results?

Then I think you’re ready to see what the Body360 Fit Training Blueprint can produce For You.

​The best part is, your evaluation is Completely Free, to give you an insider’s peek at how we can accomplish this goal together, without investing ($$) dollars ($$) upfront.

​So ACT NOW before my schedule is completely booked. Only a few spots are available.

Start Your Fitness Journey Today!​

I look forward to Helping You!



Fitness Guy @Body360Fit

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