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Beginner Pushups To AMA National Grand Prix Champion—How I Got Started As A Personal Trainer

I was at Gold’s gym in Wayne, NJ—Circa 1992. I could barely do one proper pushup … And I was intimidated as heck! As I’d come to find, this place was full of ridiculous “Bro Science” and unsound lifting practices. Truth be told, I didn’t know any better either—At the time! But it was this environment that prompted me to be more, to want more and most importantly want to help people. And shortly thereafter my career as a certified personal trainer began!

Hey! I’m Christian Graham—A top rated Los Angeles based celebrity personal trainer and kettlebell instructor. Throughout my career I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the finest individuals in the NYC Metro Area and Los Angeles including film and television personalities, business professionals and captains of industry. 

Over the last 20 years I’ve  helped many people enhance their lives through personal training, fitness and nutritional supplements. I’ve formulated and developed multiple, premium quality brands and nutritional products protein powders, performance enhancers, protein cereals and some of the top fat burners available. Several of my brands (Body360 Nutritionals and Lunatic Labz) have even been distributed internationally by Amazon,, The Vitamin Shoppe, Europa Sports plus many more high end retailers.

Fitness And Supplements Industry Experience

I have over twenty years of experience as a professional fitness trainer and entrepreneur. As the founder and chief guiding force behind multiple nutraceutical brands, I’ve also overseen product development and implementation for over 20 health and performance products, for which I developed relationships with some of the world’s largest nutritional supplement distributors, manufacturers and e-commerce retailers, including the Vitamin Shoppe, and Amazon.

Training Style

Throughout my career I have always enjoyed the 1:1 personal training experience most and my unique approach to personal training and programming has assisted my clients in making positive lifestyle changes to their mind and body.

Through comprehensive fitness assessments I customize routines utilizing meso-cycle programming for each client to address concerns that are specific to your lifestyle, personality and body type. I offer a structured five-prong approach to program design, blue tooth enabled heart rate zone cardiovascular programs, as well as flexibility, mobility, neuromuscular and strength exercise routines that are time sensitive and results oriented. 

Focus & Intensity

I’m not going to lie. Working with me is an intense one-on-one personal training experience providing the motivation, personalized attention, and guidance needed to maximize your workouts. I pride myself on being easy-going, but I am always hyper- focused on the task at hand;  YOUR RESULTS! 

Motocross Fitness | Off-Road Grand Prix Racing

Outside of my work as personal trainer, I also compete as an off-road desert racer, representing 3 Brothers Racing  throughout Southern California, Nevada and Arizona. I recently earned the 2019 AMA National Grand Prix Championship Title in my class. I attribute this remarkable achievement to two things; my in-depth understanding and commitment to performance and endurance training (off-bike), and my sheer desire to out-perform my competition. “You can’t replace HEART and DETERMINATION! Either you got it or you don’t.” Do you have HEART AND DETERMINATION? Then let’s work together!

My passion for riding motorcycles began at 6 years old and I consistently street cycle and strength train to prepare for moto events and to stay fit and healthy. Maybe you’d like to come ride with me! 

Personal Training Certifications

  • National Strength & Conditioning Association NSCA – CPT
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine – NASM – CPT 
  • Human Movement Institute | Optum Health (IOM)
  • Functional Movement Screen – Level 1
  • Functional Movement Screen – Level 2 
  • Kettlebell Athletics – (KB)
  • Equinox – Equinox Fitness Training Institute (EFTI) – Tier 3
  • Aerobic and Fitness Association of America – AFAA

Grand Prix Motocross Achievements

2019 AMA National Grand Prix Championship Title​

3 Bros Racing Team | Costa Mesa, CA – #S48

Work With Me

Let me ask you? Do you need help with your fitness?

I’d Love to Help!

Christian Graham | West Hollywood Personal Trainer
2019 AMA National Grand Prix Championship Podium, Lake Havasu City, AZ
Christian Graham | West Hollywood Personal Trainer
2020 AMA NGPC | Adelanto, CA
Christian Graham | Los Angeles Personal Training
2020 AMA NGPC | Lake Havasu City, AZ
Christian Graham | Los Angeles Personal Trainer
2020 AMA NGPC | Taft, CA
Christian Graham | Los Angeles Personal Trainers
2020 AMA NGPC | Gorman, CA

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