What The Heck Is TeaCrine (Patented Theacrine)?

What is Teacrine (Patented Theacrine)?

Nope, TeaCrine isn’t some kind of thing that tea leaves do when they’re naughty, but rather is a chemical that, when taken responsibly, can help your energy supplies out in some unexpected ways. TeaCrine is a patented form of the naturally occurring compound called theacrine.

According to WebMD, theacrine itself is a substance that is very similar — in chemical makeup and in effects seen — to caffeine. Theacrine, much like caffeine, produces stimulating effects in the user, such as increased mental acuteness and fighting back against fatigue. WebMD also states that theacrine, in addition to being found in coffees and teas, is a key component in the seeds of the plants Herrania, Theocrama and Camellia assamica var. Kucha, the latter of which has been used for generations by various cultures to increase longevity and cure common ailments like the cold.

Does Teacrine Affect Blood Pressure?

WebMD states that theacrine stimulates the central nervous system (CNS), however, unlike caffeine, theacrine does not affect blood pressure. The site also says that theacrine may lessen liver damage due to stress.

Is Teacrine Safe?

As mentioned, TeaCrine is a patented form of theacrine made by Compound Solutions that is used in many nutritionalhealth and wellness supplements to give users some extra energy for their workouts or in their daily lives. TeaCrine.com says that their product can be added to various products to give users an extra boost of energy throughout the day similar to what caffeine users may experience—and boost athletic performance. According to TeaCrine.com, the value and safety of TeaCrine have yet to be studied by the Food and Drug Administration. Therefore, the compound is not officially approved for use as an energy and dietary supplement. At the same time, there is yet no evidence that the compound itself is harmful, and more studies will yet need to be undertaken.

Learn more about the benefits of Teacrine from Compound Solutions in the video below.

Teacrine From Compounds Solution

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